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Main functions of disposable chemical resistant clothing

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Main functions of disposable chemical resistant clothing

Disposable protective clothing is mainly used to protect the skin from thermal radiation and chemical pollutants.

Main functions of disposable chemical resistant clothing

(1) Heat proof clothing can be divided into two types: non regulating and regulating. Non adjustable thermal clothing has good reflectivity, represented by aluminum foil thermal clothing which can reflect radiant heat and play a role of heat insulation. This kind of protective clothing is equipped with aluminum foil helmets, gloves and boots coated with metal film reflective lenses.

When using this kind of protective clothing, you must always pay attention to keeping the surface bright and clean, otherwise you will lose the efficiency of reflecting radiant heat. Asbestos heat proof clothing has small thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation, but it is too heavy and inconvenient to operate after wearing. Although the white canvas protective clothing is anti radiation, its anti heat effect is far less than the first two, but it has the characteristics of economy and durability. Therefore, it is widely used at present.

When there are several low-temperature adjustment tanks in the cold clothes, this kind of cold clothes is a kind of non-toxic vest, which can adjust the temperature of the cold clothes. When there are several cold clothes in the front and back pockets, one kind of cold clothes can be changed. The flat tank can also be placed in the safety helmet and can be used when working in the environment of high temperature and strong radiation.

Disposable Chemical Resistant Clothing

(2) Anti chemical pollution clothing is mainly used to prevent the damage of acid and alkali to the skin. It is often made of polypropylene, polyester or chlorine fiber. Protective clothing for preventing chemicals from entering the body. Various commonly used protective substances are impermeable or low permeability polymers, which are coated on chemical fiber or natural fiber fabrics.

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